Store Setups: We can help

So you've got a product, you have your domain name and email address and you want to start selling your product online. You've even signed up to use an ecommerce platform like Shopify, but it just isn't working for you. What now? 

Well just ask. We can help.

We believe that you are the best person to setup your own store, but if you don't have the time, or you want someone with a lot of experience to help you, we can do that - and help you launch a fantastic Shopify store that will get you selling fast, and professionally. 

What do you charge to set my store up?

Each store setup is evaluated individually, based on the number of products you have, what specific functionality you need, how complex your design is and how much time it's going to take to set your store up. In general, our store setups start from R10 000 though and go up from there. 

How quickly can I launch my store?

Once we've received all the necessary information from you for your store we'll advise you how quickly it will be complete. Our turnaround time is typically 7-14 days, but we have set stores up in a few hours. It all depends on what you expect and what you want done. 

What information will you need from me?

When we set a store up for you, we'll run through what info you'll need to provide us with in order to get your store up and running. Obviously we'll need things like product information, content, images, payment gateway credentials etc, but get in touch and we'll discuss that with you. 

Will I get training after my online store is setup?

Absolutely! We want your store to thrive, so we dedicate a few hours with you either in person or via video call to show you how to use your online store. We usually run test orders, run through settings and demonstrate how to change things on your store for you. In addition, we'll give you pointers to help you understand online optimisation, and digital marketing. 

Do you only set stores up on Shopify?

Yes. Trust us when we say that Shopify is the best, most scalable ecommerce solution out there. It's easy to use, affordable and can be used to sell on multiple different channels like in person or on Facebook. If you want your store setup on another platform - you're in the wrong place. 

Still have questions? Get in touch!

Call Mario directly on 084 048 2670, or email with your query and we'll get right back to you.